CM Specialist Vehicle Division’s specialist team of designers, engineers and bodybuilders has extensive experience in converting vehicles to police and emergency service fleet.

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Established in 1998, CM Specialist Vehicle Division apply superb craftsmanship and vehicle conversion skills to a range of standard production cars, MPV’s and vans in the blue and amber light sector ensuring long service life and maximum protection.

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Working in conjunction with forces across the UK, CM Specialist Vehicles have developed a deep understanding of the Police sector and its complex and demanding requirements. More about Police Conversions >

A4 Traffic Cars (2)

CM Specialist Vehicles are capable of reacting quickly to the varied demands of the Ambulance market. Our range of unique coachbuilt and van based products lead the field in accessible fleet solutions. More about Ambulance Conversions >

London Ambulance (3)

Our strong relationships with major manufacturers allow CM Specialist Vehicle Division to offer a One Stop Shop facility for Fire & Rescue Services across the UK. We ensure complete project management and full specification compliance. More about Fire and Rescue Service Conversions >


Our dedicated team of designers, engineers and body builders are able to meet the requirements of any specialist vehicle from any source. We provide full design and consultation services from concept through to completion. More about Bespoke Conversions >


Decommissioning should form a seamless part of the fleet system. Our service aims to reduce resource needs for the fleet managers and incorporates the reuse of high value equipment.Mersey Tunnel Twin Cell Vito (19)

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