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October 24th

NAPFM Compliant PPC Cell

Our design & engineering team have worked incredibly hard to develop a robust cell construction that is compliant with NAPFM guidelines for Protected Personnel Carriers. Following rigorous testing at Millbrook, we’re chuffed to announce…we passed! We are now the proud...

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December 17th

Fleet Conferences, Exhibitions & Events Guide 2016

Fleet conferences, exhibitions and events are one of the many perks to the fleet management role. They might not be an all-out escape to the sunny Bahamas, but they are a fantastic way to see how other fleets operate and...

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November 23rd

What do you get if you cross a Fire Fighter with a Paramedic?

No, the title to this article isn’t the opening line of a terrible joke. In fact, it’s a legitimate question. Due to fewer fires, the immense strain currently being felt by ambulance services, and the need to treat accident victims...

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October 30th

Damaged leased vehicles – what constitutes damage?

Leasing suppliers are well known for being very thorough during the review process for an end of contract lease vehicle. It’s not uncommon for the customer (business) to receive a report asking for several hundred pounds for repair work, and...

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September 9th

The technologies and initiatives that are helping to reduce vehicle emissions

Despite the fact there is a definite need to reduce C02 emissions because of global warming and poor air quality, companies that are heavily reliant on petrol and diesel-fuelled vehicles might find this difficult. Especially since the UK has pledged...

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