Compliant Dog Transport

Since the new guidelines for dog transport were issued by DEFRA, our engineering team have worked closely with leading vehicle manufacturers to develop a range of dog transport vehicles that meet the new standards, as well as being practical, safe and competitively priced. View our range of Compliant Dog Transport
Container Size DEFRA
Container Size Inches CM
Length 43.25 110
Height 36 90
Width 20.8 52
Container Size BMW 2 Series
Container Size Inches CM
Length 51.5 110
Height 36 90
Width 22.5 57
Container Size Skoda Superb (ACPO Compliant)
Container Size Inches CM
Length 55 140
Height 34 86
Width 21.65 55
Container Size VW Caddy
Container Size Inches CM
Length 43.25 110
Height 36 90
Width 20.8 53

Why choose CM for your Compliant Dog Transport?

There aren't many vehicles on the market with the storage capacity to accommodate a conversion of this nature. However, CM Specialist vehicles are proud to be approved converters for BMW Authorities and VW Group, both of whom offer industry leading vehicles that allow us to produce DEFRA, NPCC and RSPCA standard conversions to Fire, Rescue, Police and MOD clients.

Examples of our Compliant Dog Transport

BMW 2 Series Tourer

The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer is the only vehicle in its class to accommodate a fully DEFRA compliant kennel conversion. The 2 series is both competitively priced and economical to run with a robust and practical conversion. View more images here


DEFRA Dog Vehicle

VW Caddy

Volkswagen’s Caddy Maxi vans with RSPCA-approved ‘dog pods’ built to the new ACPO dog standardisation working group specifications. The van combines the highest standards of animal welfare with the handling and performance you would expect from a Volkswagen vehicle. The Caddys are flexible too: there’s enough space between the dog pod and driver to fit in a second row of seats for extra human passengers. The dog pod is designed to be safe and hygienic, with a part removable, easy-to clean kennel space, and a remote controlled emergency hatch release. The kennel has indirect cooling, temperature control and can be configured for different dogs. The pod can also be transferred from one vehicle to another, and can be used by several vehicles. Bespoke features can also be added without the need for costly re-design or re-manufacture. View more images here

DEFRA Dog Vehicle

Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb estate is one of the few vehicles in it’s class to meet the new guidelines in a rapid response vehicle. The car ticks all the boxes in terms of the comfort, speed and agility required by Police teams. View more images here

Superb Dog (35)

Examples of our other vehicles View full gallery

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