Bespoke Vehicle Conversions

CM Specialist have an unparalleled pedigree when it comes to working with fleets and fleet managers and are able to bring compliant, ISO 9001:2000 quality standards solutions across a wide spectrum of modifications. Whatever your fleet might require, we’re well placed to help align your transport objectives with your wider business strategies. Get in touch today to start the conversation! View our range of Bespoke Vehicle Conversions

Why choose CM for your Bespoke Vehicle Conversions?

Logistics and fleet management are at the heart of many of the nation’s most prominent businesses and often what separates the most successful from those that are not is the efficiency with which the fleet is able to execute its operational requirements. The needs of Consumer Britain in 2017 means that ever more diversity is required from today’s vehicular assets and fleet managers countrywide are turning to CM Specialist for their consultative, expertise-led solutions in bespoke vehicle conversions.

Whether it’s temperature control, fragile goods or even human transit, our staff have the industry’s most experienced commercial fleet modification experts ready to help you meet your logistic objectives.


Our Engineering team has the perfect mix of qualified Engineers and coach building experts. The consistency of our design and application leads to reliable and robust installations.


All our vehicles are built under the guidance of our quality assurance to meet the ISO 9001:2008 standards. We work closely with our dedicated Type Approval Engineer to provide certification when required.


Our coach building experience ensures that quality and reliability are built in from the start of every vehicle conversion we undertake. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver all conversions to the highest standard.

Examples of our Bespoke Vehicle Conversions

Enforcement Vehicles

converted cctv smart car

Lane enforcement, seat belt enforcement, parking and mobile phone enforcement can all be achieved using the latest camera and recording technology which is so compact it can be fitted to the smallest of vehicles which will take up minimal space when in use. View more pictures here.

Mountain Rescue

Each built to meet the individual requirements of the Rescue Team; CM Specialist Vehicles can build mobile command centres based on van chassis with stand-alone facilities to provide a safe mobile environment with full communication equipment for the team to carry out their duties. Conversions on 4WD base vehicles are also available for accessibility on any terrain. View more pictures here.

Speed Camera Vehicles

converted camera van

To ensure safe operation, Speed Camera Vehicle conversions are supplied with x4 operating ports which take the form of dark tinted sliding windows on the off side and nearside and vertical hinged window panels in both rear doors to enable camera access in all directions when the vehicle is stationary. CM Specialist conversions include full camera charging facilities, night and day time heaters to provide year round operation and full livery. View more pictures here.

Examples of our other vehicles View full gallery

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